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These meshing, auto-configuring and self-adaptable devices offer great flexibility to operate in diverse environments by providing secure and steady connectivity with remotely located resources. The BreadCrumb® operates on the IEEE 802.11b protocol, also known as WiFi. This product has been applied in many areas of emergency management and rapid deployment. A ONE BUTTON OPERATION provides instantaneous connectivity with other BreadCrumbs and a range of wired and wireless clients. The success of this product has been translated in various deployments by the Armed Forces and First Responders.

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Rajant’s sole mission is to provide network connectivity in times of crises and emergency and has been executed by the talents of its diverse engineering team and the experience and vision of its executive management. Rajant accommodates the needs of various industrial, civilian as well as government and military sectors by defining sophistication and flexibility in its BreadCrumb® family of products. Rajant has partnered with various firms that provide security solutions of the first class which are now available in Rajant products. These and other important features have been widely tested in the field under various conditions and in multiple diverse environments.

The success of the BreadCrumb
® family of products has been translated in various deployments by the Armed Forces and First Responders around the globe. Recent exercises with the US Army, Thai Army, Canadian emergency management teams and other military exercises within the United States have proved the credibility and capacity of Rajant’s BreadCrumb® products.

Rajant Corporation continues to move forward everyday, challenging high-end technology in the field of telecommunications, networks and data security.


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