Product Detail


We are system integrators for DELL. We deals in Laptops, Workstations, Desktop, and all kind of Servers.

Dell has served businesses, governments, large organizations and individuals in Asia-Pacific/Japan since the early 1990s.


Dell entered Asia-Pacific/Japan in select markets and began investing in regional facilities, management, service and technical personnel in 1993, with its first operations in Japan and Australia.

Through its Global Customer Program, Dell is able to provide a specific suite of services and support to its Asian customers with worldwide operations. It provides global customers with centralized ordering and billing; customized products (including proprietary software installation); and the advantages of local delivery and local onsite service.


Dell Products Range :


 Home segment


 Small and Medium Business


 Government and Large Business



Why DELL ?


Dell's large product line is designed to deliver a variety of desktops, notebooks and workstations to meet your organization's needs for performance and functionality and management. Dell products offer a competitive edge for today's requirements while providing the tools needed for tomorrow's challenges.

Dell is a global provider of award-winning server platforms. Dell not only delivers built-to-order servers, but can also install your custom servers to your specifications.


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